Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell has spent his career looking for new ways of using musical ideas in narratives, exploring the potential of the recording studio, and expanding the vocabulary of storytelling on the radio. He studied music composition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at Mills College. He has been contributing to Studio 360 since 2001, and he was part of the team that produced the Peabody Award-winning program "American Icons: Moby-Dick."

Jonathan has also worked with and contributed to WNYC's Radiolab, All Things Considered, Marketplace, Living on Earth, Fair Game, Beyond Computers, and Loose Leaf Book Company. In 2004, he won a Golden Reel Award for Shades of Gray, an hourlong documentary about abortion. Jonathan composed the music and sound design for two episodes of PBS's Nova, "Astrospies” and “The Spy Factory.”