John DeLore

Born and raised in the well-mannered dairyland of Wisconsin, John moved to Brooklyn in 2003 to face his fear of large crowds and to pursue a career in music and audio engineering. After two years working a major recording studio, the now defunct Right Track Recording, John began his freelance career at WNYC. He contributed sound design to American Icons: The Great Gatsby. (He also found himself unwittingly tasked with preventing a tempestuous Courtney Love from smoking in the studio.) After a stint as the Technical Director for PRI’s Fair Game with Faith Salie, John worked with On The Media, Soundcheck, Freakonomics, Radiolab, Spinning on Air, Radio Rookies, and WNYC’s newsroom, before joining the staff of Studio 360 in 2012. John writes and performs literary folk rock as The Reverend John DeLore. He enjoys reading Dostoevsky by moonlight, and still dislikes large crowds.