Daljit Dhaliwal

Takeaway Guest Host Daljit Dhaliwal currently hosts Foreign Exchange, a Washington, D.C.,-based weekly international affairs program seen on PBS. She has covered many of the major international news stories of the last 10 years at the BBC, CNN, ITN and on PBS, and has interviewed a number of newsmakers, among them Yasser Arafat, Benazir Bhutto, Gerry Adams, Madeline Albright, Shimon Perez, Ehud Olmert, Vincente Fox, Sergei Lavrov and Charles Taylor. From 2002 to 2004, Daljit was based in Atlanta, where she anchored CNN International's Your World Today, a daily, two-hour live news broadcast, and hosted the weekend edition of World Report, CNN's longest running program. She made her American television debut in 1996 as anchor for the daily World News for Public Television, seen throughout the United States. Daljit was also a regular co-anchor for ITN's prime-time network newscast Channel Four News and a prime-time anchor for ITN's 24-hour news channel. While at ITN, she also anchored World Focus, a weekly international news program. Before working for ITN, Daljit was an anchor for BBC World and before that a local TV news reporter for the BBC, which included an assignment in Northern Ireland pre-ceasefire. She has moderated several United Nations conferences in New York and The Hague. Daljit has hosted WIDE ANGLE, the Emmy Award-winning international documentary PBS series, and has appeared as a guest host of numerous public broadcasting news and interview programs, including Charlie Rose, On the Media and The Brian Lehrer Show. She lives in New York.