Christy Gressman

Christy Gressman is the producer of The Orbiting Human Circus and a partner in Night Vale Presents, the network for independently-minded creators and listeners co-founded by the creators of the genre-defining fiction podcast Welcome to Night Vale. As Night Vale Presents’ executive producer, Christy oversees network-wide show curation, development, production, and distribution. She is also the producer or executive producer of a number of original podcasts, including Conversations with People Who Hate Me with Dylan Marron, I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats, and musical fiction works Adventures in New America, Dreamboy, and It Makes A Sound. In addition to her work in podcasting, she is, among other things, the producer of The Orbiting Human Circus’ live shows and other works; a former partner in, and current contributor to, an industry-leading software company that develops touring applications for the live entertainment industry; an attorney; and a graduate of Yale School of Management, Harvard Law School, and the fine arts program at the University of Pennsylvania.

She is proud of her work over the past several years building Night Vale Presents into what it is today. Called “the most recognizable name in fictional audio content” (Wired), “the most interesting podcast company right now” (Vulture), and “wholly original and transcendent” (A.V. Club), its 14 podcasts are downloaded over 7 million times per month and are listened to in almost every country in the world. They have so far given rise to books, albums, a thriving online merchandise store, and many more related projects currently in development. Night Vale Presents is a pioneer of live podcast touring, having produced over 400 live events all around the world.