Alex Goldman

Associate Producer

Alex Goldman is a producer for On the Media and the co-host/creator of TLDR. He is on twitter hereSubscribe to the TLDR podcast here.

iPhone or Android/Mac or PC?

I have an iPhone, but I’m not sure that I can, in good conscience, endorse it. PC from womb to tomb.

What word would the other producers use to describe you?

Annoyed? Surly? Frustrated?

What embarrasses you about your media diet?

I have seen every episode of Bones.

What would your cable news show be called?               

"Controversial Opinions w/Alex Goldman" - It'll basically just be an hour of me shouting about things I don't like that everyone else likes. I'll have a McMahon style sidekick who will yell "Whoa! That's controversial!" to punctuate my rants. It will probably be fellow producer PJ Vogt.

What is your favorite thing about On the Media?

Inside jokes and inappropriate volumes.