• Tobin Low


    Tobin Low is the co-host and co-managing editor of Nancy.

    Tobin also served as a producer on the first season of More…

  • Kathy Tu


    Kathy Tu is the co-host and co-managing editor of Nancy.

    Kathy is based in Los Angeles, but frequently in New York for the show (and…

  • Matt Collette


    Matt Collette is the senior producer of Nancy and develops new shows for WNYC Studios.

    Matt has reported and produced for the WNYC…

  • Jenny Lawton


    Jenny Lawton is the Senior Editor of WNYC Studios.

    Jenny works on Nancy, Radiolab's More Perfect, and other…

  • Jeremy Bloom


    Jeremy Bloom is a sound designer & technical producer for WNYC studios.

    Jeremy comes to WNYC from a career creating immersive soundscapes…

  • Paula Szuchman

    executive producer

    Paula Szuchman is Vice President of On-Demand Content at WNYC and WNYC Studios. 

    She’s responsible for developing new podcasts and growing…