SciShow Tangents

From Complexly and WNYC Studios

The lightly competitive knowledge showcase from the geniuses behind the YouTube series SciShow.

  • 86 - Diseases

    Jul 7, 2020
    From toenails to T-cells, human bodies have a whole lot of moving parts, which means there’s ample opportunity for things to go not-quite-according-to-plan!
  • 85 - Whales

    Jun 30, 2020
    The sea is filled with giant, super-smart aquatic mammals communicating across vast distances and using the stars to navigate. No jokes in this description! Whales are amazing!
  • 84 - Flying Machines

    Jun 23, 2020
    Humanity’s quest for flight has been, all things considered, extremely successful! Sure, we aren’t all zipping around in jetpacks yet, but honestly I don't think we're ready for jetpacks
  • 83 - The Internet

    Jun 16, 2020
    From the joyful to the hateful to the extremely weird, the Internet is all of the complexity of human thought given shape! And boy do humans think about cats and sex a lot!
  • 82 - Allergies

    Jun 9, 2020
    You ever had allergies so bad that you want to rip your face off so you could reach the place it itches? It would just make things worse but I bet it would feel so good for a second...
  • 81 - Healing

    May 26, 2020
    Are you suffering from mild boredom, a grumpy frown, and a general lack of extremely niche scientific knowledge? Well, SciShow Tangents has the cure for what ails you!
  • 80 - Games

    May 19, 2020
    Kicking the ball, passing another type of ball, running around the big arena and making a point! SciShow Tangents knows one thing and that one thing is SPORTS! 
  • 79 - Hair

    May 12, 2020
    Mammals pretty much have the market cornered on hair, and you know all the other types of animals are jealous of us. 
  • 78 - Salt

    May 5, 2020
    Salt: the mineral so nice that much of early human civilization was based on its procurement!