with Jad Abumrad, Lulu Miller, and Latif Nasser

Investigating a strange world.

  • G: Unfit

    Jul 15, 2021
    A journey to one of the darkest sides of humanity’s attempts to measure the human mind and put people in boxes.
  • The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 6

    Jul 9, 2021
    Lift Every Voice. Black Swan Records was first to record the anthem Lift Every Voice and Sing. From a family Thanksgiving, we portal through to the song's past, present and future.
  • The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 5

    Jul 2, 2021
    Roland Hayes and the Lost Generation. This is the extraordinary story of the life of Roland Hayes, another great (and largely forgotten) creator of new cosmologies.
  • The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 3

    Jun 26, 2021
    Black No More, White No More. We follow Harry's grandkids and great grandkids as they grapple with his legacy in their own lives. 
  • The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 2

    Jun 19, 2021
    Dreams Deferred. We follow Harry’s Supreme Court battle to desegregate the South Side of Chicago, and then a mysterious decision which forces him into seclusion.
  • The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 1

    Jun 18, 2021
    The Rise and Fall of Black Swan. It was Motown before Motown, FUBU before FUBU: Black Swan Records, the record company founded by Harry Pace.
  • Breath

    Jun 11, 2021
    Stories of first ones, last ones, and a whole bunch in between.