Nancy Friendship Project

Tobin here. Welcome to Nancy’s “How to Get a Gaggle” project!

What’s a gaggle, you ask? Technically it’s a bunch of geese. But I like to define it as a group of queer friends -- a chosen family.

I found my gaggle back in grad school, and together we had some of the loudest, most raucous times of our lives. It was like we amplified each other’s personalities. But eventually we moved to different cities, and life took us in different directions. Suddenly I was faced with having to make friends as an adult. Which, spoiler alert, is really hard. (Thank god I found Kathy, you know?)

Now, we’re here for you.




Maybe you’re like Joe and have yet to find your gaggle. Maybe you have a few queer friends, and you’re interested in making more. Maybe you feel isolated from other queer people and want to build your community. Whatever your situation, give us a whirl.

Is it a science? Heck no. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

We’ve taken the toolbox we built for our friend Joe in episode #35, “A Gaggle for Me”, and are sharing it with you. Sign up for our “How to Get a Gaggle” project for a month of advice, tips, and actual, practical steps you can take to make friends.